Universal Common Logic [UCL] and Scifer is created by Senthil Kumar R. The research began in early 2001. In 2005 a practical application of UCL in data compression began in the form of Scifer .Two conceptual prototypes versions were developed during 2005-2006 with totally different structures. The current BETA version is a evolved version of previous prototypes.

    UCL is a ever evolving algorithm.UCL requires a whole new approach and perspective in terms of technology ,resources ,algorithms. The fundamentals of UCL can be applied in any field of science.

    The author is looking for organisations and companies to fund for the ongoing research. brilliant mathematicians and programmers who specialize in languages like c,c++,asm to join the effort. Also looking for reputed professors or scientists in helping and guiding me in publishing Universal Common Logic as a scientific publication.



    Senthil Kumar R
    4/3 Cleaveland Road,
    Frazer Town,
    Bangalore - 560005.


Feel free to contact me regarding any kind of queries about this software.

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